PzV & PzVB (DIN & BS Standards // MotionGel)

sunlight-traction-batteries-motiongel-300x300MotionGel is a valve-regulated gas recombination batteries series (maintenance-free) with tubular positive plate and GEL immobilized electrolyte. The PzV batteries range enhances SUNLIGHT’s motive power batteries portfolio and provides one more solution to customers involved in Materials Handling Equipment Industry. The PzV batteries are suitable for use especially in the storage areas of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products and can meet the requirements of low to normal duty operation profiles.

The incorporation of SUNLIGHT’s know-how in designing and manufacturing advanced technology batteries (e.g. Submarine) and the long-term experience in the production of Industrial tubular-plate batteries, guarantees the reliability and quality of every energy solution we provide. PzV batteries range comply with DIN EN 60254-2 standard, therefore available in DIN and BS dimensions, thus offering full compatibility and flexibility to customers. Optimum performance is achieved through efficient charging, in combination with SUNLIGHT’s High Frequency Chargers.

  • Minimum maintenance cost: Sealed type battery, no water topping up is required through the entire life time.
  • User and environmental friendly: with the electrolyte in GEL form there is no acid leakage and no danger for corrosion and contamination.
  • Operational flexibility: very low gas emissions, low ventilation requirements, expensive and big space charging stations are not needed!
  • Flexibility and interchangeability: corresponding dimensions and weight according to DIN and BS standards, safe and easy switch from old PzS to PzV battery.
  • High Performance: tubular plate design ideal for deep cycling loads, PbCaSn lead alloy, ideal for VRLA battery, active mass ratio, result in high capacities among similar market product offerings.
  • High operational safety and long life time: recombination valve with regulated internal pressure limits prevents the high temperature development. GEL electrolyte prevents acid stratification during daily charge-discharge operation. Both prolong life time.
  • Complete Product & Services package offering.
  • Lead Acid, valve regulated, sealed type, maintenance-free, no water topping up.
  • Operation temperature from -10°C to + 45°C.
  • Available in 2V cells and 24, 48, 80V batteries.
  • Nominal capacities, for PzV DIN 110Ah-1040Ah, for PzV BS 110Ah-680Ah.
  • Electrolyte in GEL form consisting of sulphuric acid, water and silica.
  • Tubular positive plate design – pasted grid negative plate design
  • Valve with specified opening pressure limits for high recombination efficiency, increased safety and long cycle life.
  • Alloy used is PbCaSn. Recyclable.
  • Lead Poles with brass insert, M10 thread.
  • Poles copper connectors, fully insulated, bolt-on type.
  • Life time can reach the 1200 cycles at 60% DoD, when the batteries are operated and maintained according to Systems Sunlight instructions.
  • SUNLIGHT High Frequency Chargers have a customized charging profile. Normal charging time for PzV batteries is 11-14 hours. By using special charging profile, charging time can be reduced to 8 hours at 60% DoD, whereas for DoD of 80%, 12 charging hours are still needed. Charging details are available in operation manual.
  • PzV batteries can be used for forklift trucks (warehouse and counterbalance), cleaning machines and other electric vehicles.
  • Warehouse areas where sensitive products are stored under strict low emissions regulations and must be clean from any liquid electrolyte leakage.
  • Storage areas with limited charging space or without specially equipped charging station.
  • In low temperature product keeping facilities.
  • Where maintenance-free operation is a must, either for practical or financial reasons.
    • At low to normal duty operation conditions. For heavy duty operation (multi-shift, 80% Depth of Discharge, opportunity charging, 8 hours charging) the battery capacity should not exceed 600-650Ah for 24V, 350Ah for 48V, 200Ah for 80V.