TOSHIBA Batteries

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. represents TOSHIBA Consumer Batteries since 1985, being TOSHIBA’s largest distributor worldwide in the context of a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.


Milestones of Partnership

  • 1985 | Exclusive distributor in Greece
  • 2001 | Exclusive distributor in Europe
  • 2002 | Distributor in selected MEA Region countries


Key Product Categories

  • Alkaline Series (Alpha Power & Blue Line Batteries)
  • Rechargeable Series (Ni-Mh Batteries)
  • Zinc Series (Environmental Power/e-power & Heavy Duty Batteries)
  • Special Series (Lithium Coin, Photo Lithium, Alkaline Manganese & Alkaline Batteries)
  • Torches (LED)


Alkaline Zinc Rechargeable NiMh Special
SUNLIGHT-Consumer-Batteries-Alkaline-Alpha-Power e-power_big SUNLIGHT-TOSHIBA-NiMh SUNLIGHT-Consumer-Batteries-Lithium-Coin


For More info visit TOSHIBA Europe’s Website