Torpedo Batteries

Torpedo BatteriesWe are active in the torpedo battery sector (SUT & SST4) since 1996, by constantly developing high level expertise and experience.

In the context of systematic efforts and investments for covering the special energy needs of this sector, we activated in 2005 in our manufacturing plant (covered area of 9000m2) a Silver-Zinc technology production line, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, for the production of batteries for combat and exercise torpedoes.

Silver-Zinc technology is the prevailing technology in this field due to the fact that it offers a series of advantages, such as enhanced performance and high energy per mass density.

Combat batteries are for single use and are maintenance-free. Exercise batteries are rechargeable and therefore suitable for repeated use. They are identical to the combat batteries in size and capacity, thus allowing the torpedo to run with the same power and duration as during a combat shot.

Aiming at providing customized turn-key solutions, we have a strong Technical Support team, specialized in advanced technology batteries and capable of supporting in total your energy needs.

In the field of torpedo batteries SUNLIGHT uses the Silver-Zinc technology, which actually is the prevailing technology in this field. The active materials used in a Silver Oxide-Zinc battery are zinc (Zn) for the anode and silver oxide (AgO/Ag2O) for the cathode. Aqueous potassium hydroxide (KOH) is the electrolyte for this battery.

Silver-Zinc batteries are available as primary battery for single use (combat battery application). Being totally maintenance-free, primary batteries provide the needed power within seconds after activation of the built-in self-contained electrolyte injection system, even after a long period of storage.

In addition, secondary torpedo batteries are rechargeable and therefore suitable for repeated use (exercise torpedo application). Identical to the combat battery in size and capacity, they allow the torpedo to run with the same power and duration as during a combat shot.

SUNLIGHT torpedo batteries range includes the following types:

  • Combat: SLST-C3, SLST-C1
  • Exercise: SLST-E1, SLST-MK53