Mobility & Leisure 

SUNLIGHT provides Reliable Battery Solutions for

  • Industrial Electric Vehicles [e.g. mobile lifting platforms (light cranes, aerial work platforms, airport ground support equipment, tow vehicles (tuggers), unit load carriers]
  • other electric vehicles [e.g. battery driven electrical vehicles (golf carts), cleaning machines (floor cleaners, wet scrubbers, polishers)]
  • mobility for the disabled (e.g. electric wheelchairs, pedestrian-operated stair climbers)
  • Marine (e.g. Leisure and light industrial craft // inland waterways or seagoing)


SLT Vented Tubular Plate Batteries SLT Sealed Gel Batteries
SUNLIGHT-Semi-Traction-Batteries-SLT-Vented SUNLIGHT-Semi-Traction-Batteries-SLT-GEL-Sealed