Material Handling and Logistics SUNLIGHT provides Reliable Battery Solutions for the Material Handling & Logistics Industry, ensuring the continuous operations of vehicles used in warehouse facilities.

  • for electric forklifts
PzS & PzB PzS Low Maintenance (Hydrosave) PzV & PzVB (MotionGel)
sunlight-motive-power-batteries-cells-hydrosave-pzs-low-maintenance-new-300x300  sunlight-traction-batteries-motiongel-300x300


  • for Industrial Electric Vehicles (e.g. mobile lifting platforms such as light cranes, aerial work platforms, airport ground support equipment, tow vehicles, unit load carriers)
SLT Vented SLT Sealed
SUNLIGHT-Semi-Traction-Batteries-SLT-Vented SUNLIGHT-Semi-Traction-Batteries-SLT-GEL-Sealed