SUNLIGHT Group Structure  SUNLIGHT is a member of a strong and cohesive business ecosystem.

SUNLIGHT-Group1    Furtherome, SUNLIGHT participates as a shareholder in a series of companies in Greece and abroad, all of which directly or indirectly operating in the Battery Sector. Indicatively:


Company Name Country Business Sector 
SUNLIGHT RECYCLING S.A. Greece Lead-Acid Battery Recycling
AFIS S.A. Greece Collective for Consumer Battery Recycling
TECHNOFORM S.A. Greece Plastic & Metal Parts of Batteries

Mr. Panos Germanos is the founder, majority shareholder and Chairman of The Olympia Group.


His early involvement with technology and lengthy experience in the battery market brought Panos Germanos into the field as a leading player.

In 1991, the entrepreneur was faced with a challenging question: whether or not to acquire a plant in Xanthi in northern Greece which had been making ordinary consumer batteries. The multifarious Panos Germanos said ‘yes’ to that challenge and thus turned a new page for the group he heads with a vision of growth and faith in corporate values, changing the state of the battery industry in both Greece and Europe.

The Sunlight industrial complex completed its conversion in 1999 as the plant in Neo Olvio, Xanthi, became the second-largest in its class in Europe and the company grew into one of the most powerful Greek exporting companies, with high-ranking positions on both a European and global level.

Originally from Milies in the Ilia region of the Peloponnese, Panos Germanos entered the working world early on while studying in the Economics Department of the Athens Law School, and built his career in the field of technology.

His first business venture in 1980 was a decisive and unqualified success. He founded the first GERMANOS store and initially sold batteries in the Athens city centre. It was later transformed into the largest mobile phone retail sales network in all of Southeastern Europe, with more than 5,000 employees and 1,000 outlets in seven countries (Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and FYROM).

In 2006, he sealed the largest business deal of the time and changed the face of the telecommunications market by selling the GERMANOS network to Cosmote.

In late 2006, he established the OLYMPIA parent company, with four independent business activities under its umbrella:

– in manufacturing with Sunlight;

– in retail sales with the flagship Public chain;

– in IT and high-tech distribution with Westnet;

– in international business, where he is the majority shareholder in Poland’s PLAY mobile phone company and represents the largest Greek investment in that country.

OlympiaGroupOlympia Group, Panos Germanos’ Group of Companies, aiming at creating value in all industries that it operates in, has 33 years of entrepreneurial presence in Greece and 19 years of continuous business development in the global markets. Based on its cohesive Management Team and approach, its successful strategic partnerships and its 5.500 employees in Greece and abroad, Olympia is considered one of the leading Greek Groups.   More specifically, Olympia Group is active in:










  • Retail through Public (48 stores in Greece & Cyprus and 2 e-commerce stores)
  • IT Wholesale through WestNet Distribution (Value added distribution of IT & mobility products)
  • Telecommunications through PLAY in Poland (one of the leading mobile telecom operations)
  • Energy Storage through SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT (R&D, production and marketing of batteries for industrial, advanced technologies and consumer applications)
  • Lead-Acid Batteries Recycling through SUNLIGHT Recycling