Seamless Integration from Submarine to Industrial batteries

  • Design and Development (R&D)
  • Processes & Materials
  • Quality Assurance

Winning Technical Choices

  • In-house production of Red Lead
  • Dry filling with 100% Red Lead in the positive plates
  • Vacuum Mixing of paste for the negative plates
  • Jar Formation for cell uniformity

Best-in-Class Equipment

  • Top manufacturers
  • Latest Versions
  • Continuously upgraded

Top Quality Raw Material Choices

  • 99,99% Soft Lead
  • Long established & trusting relationships with best-in-class suppliers of key components

Process Control on all Productions Steps


  • Top Market Performance for 30 years
  • Global References from a wide spectrum of industries
  • Experts in Tubular Plate Lead-Acid & Silver-Zinc Technology


  • Highly qualified sales, pre-sales and after-sales teams
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach & Lifetime Value Maximization
  • Global Reach with Local Approach


  • Unmatched Value Proposition (high quality combined with competitive pricing)
  • Co-operation with TOP market players and equipment providers
  • From single components to turn-key solutions